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At Oxford Motorcars, we are enthusiasts — car-nuts, if you will — first. We have grown up in the shop and in the paddock and, from an early age, behind the wheel. The smell of high-octane exhaust, the sounds of engines revving before a big corner, the feeling when you get pinned to your seat under acceleration—these are all pleasures on which our relationship with cars is built. As time passes, however, these passions give way to more refined tastes. It happens to all of us. When we turn our attention from that smell of race-fuel to the smell of plush leather, from the excitement of hanging out the tail in a corner to the thrill of nailing your heel-toe downshift going into it; that is when we start to distinguish between fun cars and performance machines which deliver luxury and adrenaline all in one.

At Oxford Motorcars we cherish the feeling of getting lost in all the pleasures of those well-tuned, performance cars that exude luxury and power simultaneously. Even more than we value that personal experience, however, we value spreading that joy to others. At Oxford Motorcars, we enjoy the cars, but we are passionate about helping you, our customers, find that one dream car that makes you smile, whether you are walking by it in the garage, or feeling it float beneath you as you glide around a corner in a full opposite-lock. We know there are all sorts of pleasures to be had with these cars, and we are committed to providing each and every one of them to all of our clients.

Oxford Motorcars is a collector car boutique. Each car in our inventory is carefully hand-chosen after extensive research and consideration. We only buy those examples that we would add to our own extensive personal collections of classic sportscars and luxury vehicles. In more ways than one we offer bespoke cars to our clients—not only do we pick cars that will appeal to your particular tastes, but if we do not have exactly what you want, we specialize in finding and acquiring the perfect car for you. Whether it is a speed green 911 or a fabric bodied 4 ½ Litre Bentley, we have the contacts and the expertise to track it down.

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